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Problem Statement. Knowledge is necessary for successful managing in the conditions of modern market economy in the sphere of effective management and ability of practical application in the international competitive environment. One of the central problems is the need to design and development methods for determining and evaluating the economic efficiency of  the operational activity.

Statement of the basic material of research. In retail trade, considering operational activity of the retail chain supermarkets, the basic economic indicators for the analysis are: indicators of incomes, expenses, profits and efficiency indicators. Economic efficiency analysis of supermarket retail chain operational activity includes: The business analysis at company level; Analysis of expenses of the company and trading; Factorial analysis of basic articles of expenses of shopping; Analysis of shopping malls activity; Analysis of production activity; Analysis of  shopping malls reserves in the context of comparable formats on groups of expenses; Analysis of  shopping malls reserves in the context of comparable formats based on indicator of expenses efficiency on RPS; Analysis of expenses groups; Efficiency analysis of expenses use in sales departments.

Conclusions. Efficiency of the business organisation in business environment depends on ability to adapt systematically operational activity to environment changes so that constantly to provide the necessary, specified levels of economic efficiency and competitiveness.The proposed methodology allows to determine the level of economic efficiency of  retail chain supermarket operational activity.Research experience, the gradual development and application in real business practice set of methods and means of economic efficiency management of operational activity (including the offered technique), has shown their high efficiency and demand in modern conditions.


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efficiency; management; economic efficiency of operational activity; economic efficiency's analysis; economic efficiency; technique of efficiency’s estimation

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